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Apartment, Rehovot

120 square meters | 8 square meters balcony | 3 bedrooms |2 bathrooms

1 music room

Photographer: Nimrod Levy

An apartment that has been renovated and furnished for a young family:

a lovely couple, two children and a dog.
The apartment in its original design was noisy and full of wallpapers, yet empty and devoid of character. In addition, the original design did not make sense in terms of the flow in the space and created unused spaces and a sense of disorder and mostly ignored the property of the apartment and the greenery outside.

Since one of the limitations in the project was the limited budget,

it was decided on a strategy of color as a significant material in the design process.

In addition, one of the things that led the project was the family's love for quality music and indeed the music is woven into the design and planning of a large part of the spaces in the house and stars in the library that was uniquely designed for an array of speakers, amplifiers and a large record collection.

NAT plan.jpg


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