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Apartment, Ganey Tikva

140 square meters | 30 square meters balcony | 4 bedrooms | 2 bathrooms

Photographer: Karin Ravenna

The journey of the apartment begins with a couple in their late 30s, she is a pediatrician, he is an engineer in the medical field - both are very busy - juggling between careers and raising three tiny and especially playful children.

They approached me with the impossible task of turning the basic apartment they bought in Gani Tikva into a rich but clean house, full of color but also quiet, all this before the start of the upcoming school year, an expedited process of three months from the opening conversation to the first box that entered the house .
The quick process in renovating the apartment resulted in intuitive decisions,

bold choices and a lot of emotion.

From our first conversation, in between the lines he had an elated smile every time the children subject came up in the conversation, the couple asked for an inclusive family space that produces endless meetings during the hours when the family members get priceless moments, "a children's living room and an adult living room where we can take a look at them and them on us" they requested.


The apartment plays on the seam between romantic and rough, between intimate to open, all this in a route that seeks a lot of natural material and warmth, a little humor and a minimum of trends. We created together, in a joint process, warm spaces that united into a home, in the truest sense of the word.

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