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Apartment, TLV

120 square meters | 20 square meters balcony | 3 bedrooms | 2 bathrooms

Photographer: Karin Ravenna

A 4-room apartment that has been renovated and redecorated to suit the charming tenant and his three older sons. One of the first things the client asked for at the beginning of the process was to start over without moving anything from the old house, except for one thing: a crazy colorful dresser that was actually the first step in the project and dictated the peace and elegance that followed. A special and equally important element was the important tenant, the amazing dog Tokio, who was an inseparable texture from the wealth of materials in the house and brought with her the first black brush stroke. The apartment oscillates between masculine roughness and the warmth of a home, between cleanliness and silence in front of surprising colors at times. And finally, the pleasant concert is won by one small and playful balcony that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and brings a lot of blue and wind into the home space.

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