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Apartment, TLV

115 square meters|5 square meters balcony|3 bedrooms|2 bathrooms|office


Photographer: Itay Benit

A 5-room apartment that has been completely renovated and furnished for a family of five - the mother, a doctor, the father, an engineer in the high-tech field and their three children. The apartment in its original form was outdated and dark. The kitchen was closed in the back as a separate wing and the balcony with great potential was blocked off and used as a children's room. One of the things that was important to us was the creation of a spacious family space that combines all functions. In the new design, the closed kitchen was converted into a study that was so necessary for the busy couple, and the new kitchen was moved to the public space of the apartment when the balcony returned to its origins and opened to the street. The central space was flooded with natural light and brought back the feeling of lightness and openness that the family would so like. The bedrooms were redesigned so that multiple storage spaces were added, thus allowing a pleasant and open living space and at the same time functional rooms that are so required for a large family. A dramatic but calm color palette was chosen for the apartment, the dark and rich parquet provides a stage for the green and calm kitchen next to an array of white carpentry cabinets and a central library which hides a multitude of functions including a console that can be opened to a pampering dining table. The use of a timeless and yet original color palette created an elegant and very quiet space, which allows for a pleasant family life.

אדריכלות ועיצוב פנים Studio Mor Architects


Architecture and Interior Design: Arch. Mor Novich Shomer in collaboration with Arch Efrat weinreb (WE ARCHITECTS)
Photography: Itay Benit

Styling: Maya Livnat Harush
Contractor: Pi Projects



Tel: +972 508 640 404

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